Walk London’s rich history with Richard Cohen

Kilburn and the High Road Virtual Fundraiser for Hampstead and Kilburn CLP

Join me for a virtual tour of Kilburn on Sunday June 6 at 6.00 pm

From the comfort of your armchair Richard Cohen I will take you on a virtual tour through the interweaving stories of Kilburn.  There are plenty of stories to tell of ancient roadways, medieval nunneries, highwaymen, health-giving spas, gorgeous Victorian pubs, early cinemas, Art Deco shops and the great Kiln theatre.  We will look at the explosive growth of London and some famous local housing schemes and see how this area played an important role in welcoming refugees from Hitler’s Europe.  There is much to interest Labour Party members and their progressive supporters and friends.

Please pay £5.00 to attend this virtual tour. There is no upper limit to your contributions.  Please give generously.  Book your tickets here.  20210329_173855 20210422_123244

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