Walk London’s rich history with Richard Cohen


This walk explores the imposing museums and cultural institutions of South Kensington. We will see the Natural History Museum, the Victoria and Albert, the Brompton Oratory, Imperial College, the Royal College of Music, the great Albert Hall known to many as the nation’s Village Hall and the Royal Geographical Society. Read more


This walk takes in one of the most historic areas of London, famous for centuries as the place Londoners went to behave badly. We pass foodie heaven at Borough Market and hear the stories of the riotous Southwark Fair and meet the notorious watermen of the riverbank. We visit our city’s oldest railway station and a major hospital. Read more

Between two Bars

pru-buildingThis fascinating walk crosses the western edges of the City of London and takes in a great range of extraordinary modern and historic buildings from the wonderful Holborn Bars and to the beautiful Temple Bar in the shadow of St Paul’s. We will see the great palaces of the law – Inns of Chancery, the Old Bailey, the Rolls Building as well as the imposing former headquarters of the Express and the Telegraph in Fleet Street, both great masterpieces of modernist architecture. Read more

Bloomsbury Squares and Gardens

bloomsbury-aerielBloomsbury is a fine example of a planned and civilised environment. On this walk we will explore its beautiful and world famous squares which pioneered a new concept in town living, the idea of Rus in Urbe which combined the greenery and tranquillity of garden squares with the convenience of city life. Read more

From Prejudice to Pride

pride-londonThis walk takes in London’s legacy of Molly Houses, Victorian cross-dressers and the notorious and much policed watering holes of the Bohemian demimonde of the 1920s and 30s. Learn about the theatre which was the vanguard of lesbian and gay drama and London’s only LGBT bookshop.. Read more

From Mollies to Pride

conver-oscar-wildeThis walk will give you a vivid snapshot view of London’s deep history of sexual diversity. We will meet the Mollies and Macaronis of old Covent Garden. We take in the stories of John Wilmot, Restoration era poet and libertine and Oscar Wilde. We will hear the extraordinary story of a C18th soldier who challenged all the norms of gender identity. Read more

London Wall

20221124_101703This walk can be undertaken as a whole morning or afternoon exploration of the walls which protected the City of London or alternatively as two separate walks. Starting with some of the most impressive sections of the Roman Wall at Tower Hill and we go on to explore the backstreets of the Minories before visiting the two churches dedicated to St Botolph at Aldgate and Bishopsgate. We will pass England’s oldest working synagogue at Bevis Marks and look at the only church actually built into London Wall with its anchorites. Read more

Monarchs, Mansions and Mistresses – St Paul’s to Trafalgar Square

Temple_Bar,_Paternoster_SquareThis walk follows the grand processional route linking St Paul’s Cathedral with London’s most famous city square which has been the site of great popular gatherings of celebration and protest. Along the route we will see many great monuments to royal power as well as some of the most imposing architecture in London. To enliven the story there is plenty of royal scandal and other gossip going back to medieval times. Read more

River Thames – Blackfriars to Westminster

20221123_141304This walk is an exploration of London’s magnificent riverbank along the north shore of the Thames. We take in fabulous views of some of the most magnificent architecture in London including the Houses of Parliament, the National Theatre, Somerset House and Middle and Inner Temple. We will have the chance to enjoy the cool and shady delights of the different Embankment Gardens. Read more

Tower Hill to Blackfriars

20200324_162715This walk starts by looking at the scene of some of the bloodiest executions in English history on Tower Hill. Always keeping the Thames in sight we touch on London’s great maritime heritage as we pass the Customs House, Billingsgate and Queenhithe, London’s first harbour. Our walk along the Thames as it flows past the City affords views of some of the greatest buildings in London. Read more

A Tale of Two Bridges

1200px-River_Thames_and_Westminster_Bridge,_London-17Aug2009With two river crossings on this walk there are many spectacular views of some of London’s most imposing buildings at the political heart of the nation. The aim of the tour is to reinterpret what the monuments and buildings around Westminster tell us about the attitudes and values of the past. You will hear about the great medical pioneers honoured at St Thomas’s Hospital and pass monuments to the brilliant women who campaigned tirelessly for political rights and many other champions of political progress. Read more

Walk the Walbrook

20221124_141733We follow the Walbrook, the shortest and most mysterious of London’s hidden rivers, from its source in Shoreditch right down to the Thames. This fascinating walk starts in an area that once had a reputation as one of London’s darkest slums, the fearsome Old Nichol, but is now undergoing regeneration through the night-time economy and high-tech start-ups. Shoreditch once housed the open-air theatres that flourished in the golden age of Elizabethan drama outside the city limits and then became a tough industrial area of workshops and warehouses. Read more