Walk London’s rich history with Richard Cohen

Explore Historic ST Giles

The Changing Face of an Ancient Rookery

In the shadow of the great modern structures of Centre Point and Central St Giles lies an ancient and notorious district with a long history. St Giles has hosted a leper colony, Elizabethan market gardens, a densely packed and verminous rookery which shocked the Victorians and is now undergoing a transformation with the arrival of Crossrail. On our walk we will explore St Giles itself and sample the elegance of Bedford Square and pass Tinpan Alley. We will look at different types of housing in the area and enjoy some of the open spaces St Giles has to offer. We will hear about some of the characters who have lived and died in St Giles and get a sense of the long and turbulent history of the area. We will also look at some of the finest parts of London University and the British Museum and finish our walk at two of the finest Georgian churches in London.
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Bedford SquareC20th Frieze Close-upCongress House StatueDuke of Bedford ArmsOb 8 St Giles PiazzaRome Frieze on OdeonSt Giles Spire